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Travel plans

Life really has been getting in the way of my travel planning lately.  I think it is time to get serious though and get my hotels booked at the very least.  It is hard to believe that I’m leaving in just two weeks. 

Thankfully, I used Kayak to track airfares for over a month and last week finally got a reasonable fare into Prague with only one connection each way.   I’m planning to spend a few days in Prague before going to my final destination, Brno (the city where the clinic is located). 

I had booked my hotel in Brno months and months ago when I first received my confirmed treatment date.  But, my plans have changed, and GTA hotels is not being very good about letting me changing the arrival date.  They are basically making me cancel the entire original reservation and re-book it at the current room rates.  Grr, I had expected to just be credited for the nights I won’t be there – not having to start with a whole new reservation.  Oh well, live and learn. 

At least I know what hotel I want to stay at in Brno – that was easy – the Grand Hotel Brno – near the main square, walking distance to theatre, restaurants, and right in front of the main tram stop that will take you pretty  much anywhere in town. 

Now, I just need to research and make a final decision about my hotel in Prague.  Suggestions anyone?

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