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Dawn over at Creating A Family shared a great blog post today titled The College Essay. In it, a mother shares the story of how her college aged daughter views the fact that she was conceived with the help of a donor.   Great … Continue reading

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An interesting question was posed recently suggesting that virtually all overseas egg donors are being exploited if their home country had limits on egg donor compensation. Unlike the United States, where donors can set their own compensation (although many clinics and … Continue reading

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Recent news of Elton John’s surrogate baby, Nicole Kidman’s “gestational carrier”, and Kelly Preston’s introduction of her new baby seems to have the media and bloggers alike all a-flutter about the current state of fertility options and infertility treatments.  What I’d … Continue reading

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I’ve participated in some rather interesting discussions recently of what prospective parents (especially those using assisted reproductive services such as IVF or donor egg IVF) might want to consider for genetic screening prior to conceiving.   It turns out, there really aren’t any … Continue reading

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