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What Clients Say

Our baby boy River was born just over two months ago. We would hazard to guess that his very existence may have been possible without Sue’s help, but we certainly would not count on it. After many months of failed fertility treatment at one of the US’s most renowned clinics, we were presented with the option of pursuing IVF with a disturbing price tag… an amount we were not ready to accept. We struggled with our options and all but gave up on having our own biological children. Soon after that ultimatum from the clinic we met a happy couple at a friend’s holiday party. Their new baby was sleeping in a bedroom upstairs at our friends house - a recent addition to the family after working with Sue Taylor to undergo IVF in the Czech Republic. That was in November 2017. By January of 2018 we were in the Czech Republic moving forward with the process. Without Sue’s help we may have known about the prospect, but certainly would not have known how to expertly navigate the process. We owe Sue a debt of gratitude for helping little River come to be and we hope to travel back to CZ soon to transfer the next of our frozen embryos!


Living is in the details and Sue is flawlessly devoted to the details of making this journey as perfect as possible. She made our trip to the Czech Republic seem like a trip to our local state park seriously. Not only did she have a detailed plan for our travel plans but also all the details of taking the meds needed to make IVF successful (amounts, and the times to take the meds with all the time changes). But most importantly, she was a comfort to my wife anytime she felt stressed and just needed to talk.

Sue offers consummate professionalism along with the understanding and compassion needed for any couple facing fertility challenges. If you are considering doing IVF internationally, Sue is the first call you should make. Even if we were not sitting here gazing at our two beautiful girls, I would be writing this review. Thanks Sue for all you did for us.

B Family – USA

After our first failed cycle in the U.S and a personal recommendation from my acupuncturist we decided to pursue IVF abroad with Sue. She made the process go so much more smoothly and I felt much more prepared than I had with the coordinator in the US. She was amazing at answering any questions along the way and responded extremely quick; no matter how small or insignificant the question.

The experience itself was wonderful. We chose Reprofit in Brno and after being treated like an assembly line in the US it was quite a change. I believe that combining our vacation with IVF extremely reduced the stress levels and also enabled my husband to be an active participant in the process.

Aside from the coordination of IVF, Sue offers a personal expertise that the Doctors don’t take or have the time to explain. She aided in me advocating for myself in requesting for appropriate testing as well as other recommendations which I believe led to our next successful attempt. I am forever grateful to Sue and her service as the process was so much more enjoyable and informative and led to the birth of our daughter! I cannot speak highly enough of this process and have already recommended her service to several friends. We will definitely be returning when we decide to have another child.

M & E – San Diego

I cannot say enough good things about Sue. I am so grateful that we found her. I came to her five years into our infertility journey: we had cycled previously in the US and in South Africa. We were feeling weary from the emotional ups and downs and financial cost of many years of IVF cycling. My first conversation with Sue was her free consultation call and I quickly knew that I wanted to work with her for Clinic Selection Assistance with the follow up report. She was knowledgeable, thorough, patient, kind and caring. We were very impressed by the detailed information Sue collected from us, going over our prior medical records and asking about many things that we had not previously considered. Sue recommended testing that we had not had before and several clinics that were good choices for our needs. We were impressed by her very detailed report, and in a follow up call with her, she worked with me to select the very best clinic for us and our unique needs.

At first I was not sure if we needed her IVF Concierge Service because we had worked with a clinic in South Africa without an outside coordinator, but we had been so impressed by Sue and her specialized knowledge we decided to go ahead. I am so glad that we did! I quickly learned the cultural gap was bigger for us working with a clinic in Prague than it had been with South Africa, and it was such a help to have Sue working with us facilitating communication with the clinic. For just shy of $600 I received a friend, a confidant, an expert advisor for all the many decisions that come up, someone to handle communication with my clinic, a day by day medication schedule to help me manage a very complicated medication schedule. Sue always responded quickly and professionally to my communications with her. We were not easy clients. We had many issues come up with testing that caused multiple delays. Through it all I could always count on Sue to understand what we were going through and be available to offer suggestions and possible solutions. This service is worth many times what Sue charges. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a clinic.

I highly recommend working with Sue, you will be so glad you did. I am delighted to report we have just received our first BFP in 7 years and we could not be happier. I give much credit for this to Sue and her expert advice suggesting testing that we might not have done otherwise, helping us to choose the perfect clinic for our unique set of problems, and encouraging us to have hope and persevere. I am so grateful to Sue for all that she has done for us. Sue was an advocate for us.

S & R – Dallas

After many failed IVF cycles in US, my husband and I decided to investigate our options for doing IVF overseas. My research time on the Internet was lengthy and left me more confused than I had been at the start. Fortunately I found Sue at IVF Traveler. Sue was able to help me narrow down my choice of country and then later, my choice of clinics. She helped me to take my specific requirements, some that I had never even considered before she asked, and prioritize my needs.

We decided on a clinic in the Czech Republic. My husband and I are frequent travelers but this would be my first time traveling to Europe alone, I had dozens of questions. In addition to helping me make travel arrangements, Sue acted as my personal cycle coordinator. This was extremely helpful to me as we were working with a 9 hour time difference and a foreign language! Sue being available evenings and weekends meant that as I had questions she could get me answers directly from the clinic.

I found the medical treatment abroad to be comparable to that in the US and with Sue’s established relationship with the clinic, I had no trouble. Sue explained my protocols and helped me to obtain my medications and routine monitoring in the US. I feel very strongly that my experience was smooth and enjoyable because Sue was with me every step of the way making sure that nothing fell through the cracks. I had no stress, no worry… just a fabulous time in a new country while at the same time fulfilling our dream of having a child.

L.B. Karasik – Los Angeles

We are a couple from Ireland who have been trying IVF treatments for nearly five years, our earlier years have been in Ireland, and after a few failed treatments we decided to look further a field. We came across ivf traveller and a lady called Sue Taylor.

She suggested a Clinic called Reprofit in a place called Brno in the Czech Republic. So I went straight away checking it out online and discovered that on an Irish web site called lots of girls had used this Clinic. It is very popular for egg donation, and have very good success rates, and their treatment is a fraction of the cost of Ireland.

I know that in Ireland it is very costly and they have very long waiting lists. But what Sue was able to do for me was contact the clinic on my behalf and sort out a date without any waiting time, she gets the appointments sorted as part of her service to the clients. Her list of services is endless, she corresponded on my behalf with my Clinic, she is very thorough with checking everything out more so than I ever had in Ireland.

Sue was available to me almost 24/7 and helped me along the way every step. I could not have got through without her help and guidance.

You know when you have a question that might seem stupid to most people, well she has been through it all herself so it makes her an expert of sorts, there wasn't any question (and i had a few) that she couldn't answer. Her fee is very minimal for all that she does, she does everything from the appointments to sorting out the medication, to organising the accommodation. She will also remind you each step with the meds to make sure you don't forget each time something is to start.

She helped us with our travel arrangements and we had someone meet us at the airport and be our personal helper when we were there, to bring us to and from the Clinic.

When your treatment is all over and your at home waiting!!! she is always there to re-assure you of things as they progress. I found it to be such a comfort to have someone there to help me through.

I have already encouraged two friends of mine to use her service, and would highly recommend to everyone who is thinking of trying ivf or donor ivf abroad to contact Sue, she will really help you through, and best of luck to you all.

Couple From Ireland

When I first found out that it was possible to go to Europe for Donor Egg IVF and actually save money, I was all in! My husband and I love to travel, and I love planning vacations. But I quickly realized that planning a “medical vacation” was a whole different thing! When I found out about Sue and read some reviews, I was eager to talk with her about her services. After the phone consultation, I could tell that it was going to be wonderful to have her on this journey with us. When thinking of going overseas for this cycle, I continually had this fear of “what if I get there and realize that I missed something I was supposed to do, or did something wrong with my meds, etc.?” I knew that would just add stress to the process, which I did not want. With Sue, I never had to worry about any of that. She was so completely organized with everything, and helped immensely with getting my med schedule worked out and all of my diagnostics coordinated. And her suggestions and insights with the donor preference form was so helpful. She mentioned things we would never have even thought about. When my preliminary ultrasound in the U.S. didn’t go quite as I had imagined, I was able to get an email response from Sue almost immediately, putting my mind at ease. Even when we were in the Czech Republic, I received responses from Sue more quickly than from my coordinator at the clinic. I emailed a couple of times-- once panicked about train schedules, and once panicked about messing up my meds on transfer day. Both times, she was quick to respond and give a plan. From start to finish, she made the whole process so manageable and smooth. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Anonymous From USA

After stumbling upon the idea of using donor genetics to complete our family I quickly got overwhelmed researching all of the options both within the US and outside it. I knew we didn’t have a large enough budget to use one of the top US clinics and I did like the idea of medical tourism. We turned to Sue at IVF Traveler to help us determine if traveling outside the US was a good option for us. After our initial consult, Sue had put us at ease and we concluded that we should use her services to select the right clinic for us. She compiled a detailed spreadsheet based on what was important to us. Amazingly, we ended up selecting the only clinic that I thought I didn’t want based on my own research. She has access to information that isn’t easy to find and helps to compare apples to apples. Once we selected the clinic we went on to use Sue’s concierge services as well. By all rights, I’m sure we could have done it on our own, but it was such an affordable fee to give us so much comfort. Sue helped us on so many levels primarily by maximizing her experience and analytical skills. With so many things going on in our lives, it was wonderful to trust that we wouldn’t miss a document, timeline or anything else as we prepared for our trip. When things got complicated (on our end) Sue was there providing options and helping us find the best solution to our situation. I highly recommend using Sue’s services! Even after our first attempt (miscarriage) we elected to continue to work with Sue. She just put our mind at ease for such a nominal amount in the scheme of all the fees in donor genetics. I certainly credit her with our ultimate success in completing our family. Thanks again for all the guidance, recommendations and advice which led us to our beautiful baby jewel.


When we first made the difficult decision to pursue donor IVF, instead of finding the “cure all” miracle that we had hoped for after several IVF failures, what we encountered was an overwhelming amount of information and paperwork as well as a confusing number of options. We knew that we wanted to cycle in Europe as that’s where we’re based, but after one call directly with a clinic in Poland to which we were referred by our IVF doctor, I was left in tears. They were very negative and clinical about the whole process, plus the doctor could barely speak English! After we spoke, I was left thinking “What are we getting ourselves into!”

That’s when we found out that there are consultancy centers that will help walk you through the process, in your own language, and in a caring manner. That’s how we found Sue. Due to probable immune issues we ended up having four treatments with her. During each round, I had tons of questions, and often wanted to double check things or explore other possible options. Sue stuck with us through it all and was always ready to look into things for us and answer our questions right away. (I don’t think I ever waited more than a few hours for a response!)

As a business woman myself, I also have to comment on her organizational skills. She tracks your treatment step by step, electronically “holding your hand” and sending reminders to ensure you make all your dates, follow the treatment correctly and have everything you need. It doesn’t take the thinking out of the treatment process, but it certainly helps to know you’re not alone in having to figure things out. While our donor IVF road was a bit bumpier than others, Sue was there for us though it all with positive words of encouragement. I really felt that she cared what happened to us and that we weren’t just another client. I guess the best compliment of all is that after a year of working together, Sue is now helping us through the last step of the way – making the transition to our local obstetrician – we’re pregnant! Thanks again Sue!

R and F from Europe

My husband and I are in our mid- to late- forties, so having a baby was a tricky concept. We tried natural methods here in the states, and it was slow-going with no success. After researching IVF with donor eggs here, we realized that we could never afford it. After googling other options, we saw stories about people going overseas, and how much more affordable it was. We were very interested in the Czech Republic, since that seemed closest to our "gene pool." The only problem was, we didn't know where to start.

How do you sit in your living room in America, and find a reputable IVF clinic in a foreign country? There were so many pieces to the puzzle, that we didn't know what to do.

After more internet searching, my husband found IVF Traveler. He had email conversations with Sue, and was sold on her and her knowledge and enthusiasm. After we both talked to her on the phone, we realized that it was a no-brainer to hire Sue, so she could navigate us through this complicated process.

She was great from beginning to end (and she's still helping us even though we've been to Prague, and we're now back in the states!). She had us completely prepared for the trip, from assisting with filling medications, to travel arrangements, to coordinating with the clinic staff. I honestly don't know how we would have done this without her. And the best thing is, I'm pregnant!

Ecstatic Couple from New Jersey

I just wanted to take a moment to try to express my thanks for everything you have done to help me through the donor egg IVF process in the Czech Republic. When my husband and I talked to you that first time, you immediately calmed my nerves and it was so reassuring. When we hung up, we just looked at each other, and we immediately knew that hiring you to be our IVF Concierge was a no brainer. That first impression never changed as we moved along in the process. You helped us every step of the way, and took so much of the stress off of my shoulders. Every question, every comment, and every thought I had you addressed calmly, reassuringly, and professionally. I was so grateful for your help and still am since I haven’t actually stopped asking you questions! If I have to do this again, I would still want you there for me every step of the way. Thank you is just not enough to express my appreciation!

With many many thanks and sincere appreciation,
K & S - New York

My husband and I started trying to get pregnant when I was 42. We quickly began pursuing ART, trying with Clomid and then moving on to 4 IUI's and 2 IVF cycles. After two years, we decided to pursue an egg donor but were stunned by the cost. I had heard about IVF abroad through my OB/Gyn, my acupuncturist, and my own searching on the internet and message boards. The Czech Republic kept coming up as an affordable and reputable option, with caring doctors, and much success. Through message boards I found Sue Taylor at IVF Traveler. My husband and I first had a phone consultation with her and she was a god send. She was so knowledgeable, open, compassionate, honest, and had a great sense of humor. We immediately felt comfortable with her and knew we were in the right hands.

One can deal directly with the clinics on their own but we had been through so much emotionally, I was tired, and the idea of trying to now deal with a clinic in a foreign country, dealing with the time difference, getting meds, etc, it all seemed too daunting. We knew Sue would take care of all the details so that we could remain as stress free as possible. I can not express enough how important she has been to us through this entire process. She not only helped us with all details related to the clinic selection, donor selection, meds, dates, etc., she also helped with our itinerary by recommending hotels, train schedules, basically anything you need to know before traveling abroad she provided. She was also by my side every step of the way, answering any question or fear I had with professionalism and compassion.

We chose Reprogenesis in Brno. Our experience was lovely and exceptional. The entire staff treated us with tremendous care and understanding. Unfortunately we were not successful that time though everything in the cycle went well. We decided to try again in November and I am thrilled to say that I am 44 yrs old and officially three months pregnant with a healthy baby boy! We had a great cycle and have two frozen embryos left in case we decide to return for a sibling.

Sue was hugely instrumental in this whole journey and we can not imagine how difficult this would have been without her. In fact, I don't know that we would have done it without her. Sue, what you do is priceless and for that we will always be grateful to you. You should know that what you provide for couples like us is truly a remarkable service. Thank you for everything. There are simply no words to let you know how special you are to us. 

E & J from Los Angeles

Going through multiple rounds of IVF can definitely be emotionally, physically, and especially financially draining. I am so glad that I came across the idea of traveling internationally to do IVF while doing a web search. It was a couple years ago when I met Sue Taylor. I had been through several rounds of failed IVF cycles and was feeling hopeless and helpless.

We chose a clinic in Brno to do another round of IVF. Traveling overseas for medical treatment was a little intimidating, after all, I only speak English and am not used to being out of the country. But Sue made it completely seamless and easy. She is there for you every step of the way to facilitate communications between me and the clinic, for any questions I had about the treatment, and she helped me get my medications at a reasonable price. I was very impressed by how she did business. She is extremely dedicated and committed.

Because of that treatment, I now have a beautiful baby boy. So, we decided to go for another round for the second baby. Of course, there is no way I would do it without Sue Taylor. If you are at all having any doubts or worries about traveling for IVF...don't. It was the best thing I ever did, hands down. 

Danielle from California

The best thing I did was to work with Sue from the very beginning. If you are considering treatment in The Czech Republic you will need Sue's help. She is extremely knowledgeable about every step of the way. Sue provided an amazing comparison chart, to help me pick the clinic. There is a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming for sure. Sue will narrow it down for you based on your requirements.

It really helps that she is responding immediately to your emails or calls. Trust me, with the Czech clinics, you will need someone to translate the prescriptions for you. She will help you with reading and understanding the protocols and advising where to find the best price for the drugs. Sue will give you travel tips and prepare you for the procedure with more information than the clinic actually told me.

If I do this again, I would call Sue, she was everything for me. Sue is just brilliant! 


After years of struggling with infertility, my husband and I decided to look into Donor Egg IVF abroad; that decision was finalized after one conversation with Sue Taylor. Sue possesses a unique mix of professionalism and compassion. She is a wealth of information, quick to respond to questions with detailed information and research. More than that, she responds to queries and concerns in a very human way—acknowledging difficult decisions and exhibiting honest warmth and care. Whether I was here in the U.S. filling out medical forms or in the Czech Republic desperately searching for the right train, I never felt alone in the process, as I knew a quick email to Sue would help sort things out.

I unfortunately didn’t get pregnant during our “IVF Adventure.” However, I took great comfort in knowing that Sue was available to discuss our next moves and options—and am already looking forward to working with her again! I can honestly say that hiring Sue was the best move we made in this whole process and implore anyone considering travelling abroad for IVF to hire her as well. From a practical standpoint, you’ll likely save money by working with her; more importantly, from a professional and personal standpoint, you’ll know you’re in excellent hands.  

Saundra from California

After a first and failed attempt at home in Canada, my husband and I started to look into other options for both own egg and donor egg IVF. But we were going around in circles, not really knowing where to start and how to choose. Finding Sue and getting her help made the whole process so much easier – SO much less stressful.

We initially were just going with her clinic selection service, but her assistance and guidance with that were so invaluable, I wanted her along for the rest of the “ride.” And I was so thankful she was there: for all my questions, my panics, my emails and my need to talk things through with someone who knew.

So to Sue, I say thank you so much for your knowledge, your calm, your compassion, your professionalism and your continued support.  

LS - Canada

I am so happy that my husband and I chose to work with Sue when pursuing egg donor IVF in the Czech Republic. We initially chose her for help with clinic assistance, but quickly decided to use her concierge service as well. There was never a time during the entire process when we regretted our decision.

Sue is incredibly open and approachable. I felt comfortable with her from our very first phone interview. She was always there to answer any question and address any concern I had, and I had many. What stands out to me the most was how easy she made the entire process. There is so much to coordinate and keep track of and Sue has an amazing facility for attention to detail. She did a beautiful job of handling everything for us. All I had to do was follow her instructions and everything went smoothly, with nothing being left out. She even helped find us an amazing deal on our train travel from Germany to Czech. She did a wonderful job of preparing us for what to expect once we arrived at the clinic. There were no surprises, which we both appreciated very much.

Thank you Sue! You made a potentially difficult situation an absolute pleasure.  

L & R from California

The first way Sue Taylor helped me was sparing me from hours and hours of browsing online IVF forums, and trying to put it all together myself. She gave me all the information I needed laid out in a straightforward way that enabled me to make a decision and take action with an IVF clinic in the Czech Republic (Reprofit).

When I started working with Sue everything went from thinking stage to action very quickly and soon I was on track.

Although not a medical clinician herself, she has so much experience and knows the IVF medical procedure through and through.

It was Sue who noticed that my thyroid levels weren't optimal for fertility, none of my docs. over the years. She pointed it out to the doc in the IVF clinic, who agreed, and pointed it out to my nurse practitioner, who also agreed; but who caught it was Sue.

She very helpfully navigated communications between my U.S. practitioner and the fertility clinic.

She has been an incredible support to me through the ivf process. Having a person like Sue who makes herself, and her vast knowledge available is pure good fortune.   Taking advantage of the great resource she provides is a no brainer. Her value far far far exceeds her fees, so I believe this is in part a labor of love for her.

DJ from MA

I cannot stress enough what a wonderful experience it was to work with Sue again! She is truly an expert in her field.

When doing overseas IVF, there are just so many details to keep track of. Without Sue's help, it would be easy to be overwhelmed by it all. She is fantastic at clearly communicating what is necessary and when. As important dates approach, she is always there with a reminder or a suggestion. There is no question or concern too small for her full attention. She quickly responded to all of my emails, so not once did I ever feel alone in the process. Before I returned to Czech for my second egg donor IVF treatment, the clinic recommended that I have some diagnostic blood tests run. I was having trouble finding a place in my area to have them done and Sue stepped right up to the plate to help me find a lab that would work with me. She never hesitates to go the extra mile.

Sue is incredibly compassionate, knowledgable and extremely professional. I could not imagine working with anyone else while undergoing overseas IVF treatment. Thank you Sue, for being all that you are. You are a gift.

L & R from California

My husband and I decided on Embryo donation around January 2014. I had done a little research but all the information I was reading just seemed a little overwhelming to me! I came across a fertilty forum and several ladies had mentioned Sue Taylor with IVF traveler. So I sent her an email, we chatted a bit and we scheduled a phone consultation. Sue was wonderful and I immediately felt at ease with her. She answered all my questions and I asked a lot of them lol and not once did she ever make me feel like I was asking something silly, although I know sometimes I was! Lol She helped me coordinate everything, from the clinic to the hotel info, bus/tram info, flights all the do's and dont's.

Once we arrived in Brno, the day of my transfer I got really lost. The time zone was 9 hours ahead and I was panicked! I called Sue at about 1am and she happily helped me out and told me what to do.

I highly recommend her to anyone planning to travel abroad. She is wonderful to work with and VERY knowledgable!!

Happy Couple from Texas

Our experience has been amazing with your services and while we were abroad! In all honesty, without your help and guidance I could see that this whole experience would've been a disaster! And for that I thank you sooooo much!! You answered our questions right away and helped us whenever we asked! And no matter how this pregnancy turns out, we would definitely recommend and use your services again if need be.


Just wanted to drop a line and say thank-you! life has been so busy since returning from CZ!

Thank-you for all you have done for my and my husband! You helped to make our dreams come true at times you made this process seem effortless. Helping us to read all the information and assist with the clinic selection was truly a blessing. I really don't know if we would have gotten through this process without you. Thank-you for everything! I am overjoyed that we received postive results and even if we had'nt I wouldn't regret a minute of using your service or traveling to Prague. Well we are having a baby boy and by all accounts and testing he is big and healthy. My OB was amazed when I told her of our trip and experience! Thank-You again!

T&L from Michigan

I am nearly 41 years old I have recently completed a DE ivf cycle using Sue Taylor at IVF Traveler. I first contacted Sue after a failed cycle with a uk clinic ( miscarriage ) as I was beginning to look at the option of having treatment abroad. The wide range of clinics was just overwhelming and I realised that I would benefit from someone with specialist knowledge to guide me in my decision making process in order to give myself the best possible chance of success

Sue is a lovely warm person who genuinely cares about you and looks after you as a whole person. Nothing is too much trouble.

Sue got to know me and made suggestions that were in line with my treatment needs, budget , timescales, expectations etc. Unlike most ivf co ordination services , Sue operates entirely independently so you can be confident that you are starting out using the best clinic for your individual needs which is an often over looked major consideration.

Sue was able to ensure I had an understanding of the process and my protocol which meant I also felt more in control of my own body as you can lose yourself a bit with all the invasive procedures and medications .

IVF really is a huge expense for us which can add to your stress. I feel that including the support of Sues service into your treatment cycle is an absolute essential. Ivf traveler services also allowed me to queue jump and reduce my waiting time at the clinic of my choice . I also know that a lot of other ladies experience a great deal of frustration in the sometimes slow communication from their clinic once commited to cycling. I was able to deal directly with Sue and would receive replies to queries 24/7 without delay. Knowing that I had this support saved me a lot of extra stress and I believe this maximises your chances of success .

Sue has a fantastic healthcare background and knowledge of fertility treatments and clinics but I believe her own personal past experience as a fertility patient is so valuable as she has in depth understanding of fertility treatment and can tailor your clinic selection specifically to your needs based on your past history , budget and other individual criteria. She also understands want its like to go through the rollercoaster of emotions that is fertility treatment.

I took advantage of the full service and was so pleased I did as I saved more just in discounts ( medication costs ,hotels etc. ) than the fee. That is before you even factor in all the other advantages

Good luck and best wishes to anyone about to start their ivf journey.

Helen from Manchester UK

After several years of IVF cycles and other fertility treatments, my husband and I made the big decision to go the donor egg route. The next decision was where to do it – the cost of doing it at the US clinic we’d been treated at was beyond our means. So I started to do a little research…and found that there are A LOT of clinics outside the US that offered what we needed. How in the world were we going to choose?

And that’s when we found Sue. Our first engagement with Sue was on clinic selection. She spent almost two hours on the phone with us just to fully understand what was important to us – then she went off with all of our criteria and came up with a list of several clinics that would meet our criteria. And it wasn’t just a list – she included why each clinic would be a good fit (or not). The thoroughness and thoughtfulness that Sue put into our clinic report was why we decided to use her concierge service.

That was the BEST decision related to our infertility journey we made. In fact, it’s one of the top 10 best decisions we’ve made EVER.

Sue is amazing – she made every part of our planning smooth and stress-free. When we arrived in Czech Republic (where our chosen clinic was), she was right there with us, every step of the way (virtually, of course – but we always knew she was with us!). If you are considering doing a fertility treatment overseas, don’t hesitate for a single moment in your decision to work with Sue. She will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible – it will be the best decision you make!

Leslie in WA

When we first thought about going overseas for IVF, we were quite worried about how to chose the best clinic and arrange all the details of our trip. We saw an advertisement for Sue's business and after talking to her for the first time, we knew we would use her concierge service. All our fears about going overseas for treatment and about how to choose a clinic were completely relieved. We also were pressed for time because we started our search late before our planned time to Europe and we had many life events going on that gave us little time to devote to our pending treatment. I don't believe that we could have managed any of this without her help and support. I wholeheartedly recommend her service and I loved the clinic--Reprofit--that we chose in Brno.


We cannot recommend Sue enough. The service she offers is amazing. Despite her being on the other side of the world it felt like she was just around the corner holding our hands every step of the way. I don't think we would have got to this point without her. She seems to know the answer to anything you throw at her and what feels at first like a very daunting prospect very quickly becomes an every day occurrence. It was money well spent!

Anonymous in UK

I felt your service was fantastic, I have gone through fertility before and have felt extremely stressed and alone. To be honest, you felt like a best friend always there to answer any questions I had and organizing every detail. Your communication was excellent, always giving me updates and getting back to me immediately with answers to any questions. Your service went over and above what I was expecting, with information about the clinic, medication, places to stay in Prague and all travel information. Your service took the stress out of the whole journey, it was great to have someone else organise everything. The whole experience was great, very relaxing.

Julie Earley

Sue assists with the things you need help with – but more importantly she has a knowledge about things you didn't even take into consideration


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