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Typical Treatment Costs



Pricing for medical treatments abroad using ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) can vary widely by clinic and country.  While we can assist you in contracting with a clinic or agency for treatment, the fees for your treatment are paid directly to the clinic or agency, not to IVF Traveler.  Below we list the typical ranges of costs by treatment. These are clinic fees only, they do not include any required advance bloodwork or any diagnostic testing or travel. In most cases medications for the patient are not included in the prices (although in the case of donor IVF the donor medications are generally included in the pricing):

Own Egg IVF Treatment: $2200 - $7500 (not including patient medications which vary by patient*)

Fresh Donor Egg IVF Treatment: $5000 - $12,000 (including clinic fees, donor and donor medications - the patient medications may not be included but typically cost between $0 - $500*)

Frozen Double Donor Embryos (aka embryo adoption): $1600 and up  (not including patient medications - which can typically range from $0 - $500)

Donor Egg Bank (Frozen Donor Egg IVF) Treatment: $5000 and up (typically for 6 embryos).  In the US with average costs starting around $18,000.  Clinics in the Czech Republic, Spain and other places are offering this as well, and some clinics are offering shared risk programs or guarantees.  Read more about questions to ask and additional considerations when researching frozen donor eggs compared to a fresh donor egg IVF cycle. 

Surrogacy Options: Many patients will take surrogates with them abroad for conventional IVF or donor egg IVF treatments with the resulting embryos transferred to the surrogate.   There are a few organizations that specialize in finding surrogates who reside abroad.  This provides significant cost savings, but adds legal complexities that need to be explored regarding the laws in your own state/country as well as the laws of the country where the potential surrogate resides.  At this time, we only assist patients who are bringing their own surrogate for treatment, and there are no additional fees from clinics for doing a transfer to a surrogate aside from the costs of the treatment outlined above, although medical and psychological evaluations are not included and should be performed in advance of starting treatment.

Many clinics have waiting lists for treatments. In some cases, it may be advantageous to contract with an agency that pre-reserves treatment dates rather than waiting for dates available directly with the clinic.  For an additional agency fee, many agencies can get you in to clinics within 60 - 90 days and may also provide some assistance or include other travel services into their fees. We can assist you whether you choose to work directly with a clinic or prefer to use an agency.  In some cases, the agency may even offer a discount to our clients. 

*Note: Medications can often be obtained at no cost under insurance, or at a reduced fee or for free through special programs if your insurance does not cover it.  In some cases, clinics may also assist you in obtaining medications at a lower cost in Europe.