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Seems like I’m forgetting something.

Flights are booked.  Hotels are confirmed. Plans are in place, and I’ve started the good medications.  

It seems like I’m forgetting something…or lots of things.  This seems too easy this time – far less stressful than my last trip to Reprofit.   

But maybe it’s just so much easier to go back to a foreign city for IVF when you’ve been there once before?  I can’t believe it is 12 days until I leave and I haven’t even started thinking about what I need to pack or take with me.   I think by this time last trip, I had a folder of stuff ready to go, knew the average daily temperature each day I would be in Brno, had researched the hotels and restaurants and was chomping at the bit feeling like the departure date couldn’t come soon enough.  

In contrast, today, I feel wonderfully calm and relaxed – even more so after aunt flo arrived earlier this week and I started the meds to build myself a thick and fluffy lining for those embryos to nestle in and take up residence.

It’s so interesting how things fall into place.  I was trying to figure out how I would handle my luggage on the return trip…keeping in mind that I’m not supposed to lift anything more than 5 pound for the two weeks after transfer.  Asked and answered. A friend of mine is going to be at the clinic at the same time I am and by chance (or divine intervention), I found out a few days ago that she and her husband are booked on the exact same flights back that I am, and her dear husband has offered to help with my luggage.  God bless him! 

I even had fun booking my hotel for Prague – I’m spending a couple of days there before heading on to Brno and the clinic.  It appears to be a lovely historic little hotel near Old Town and Wenceslas Square.  It truly sounds delightful, and not a bad price either.  One of the great things about the Czech Republic is that they still have their own currency, so the exchange rate is still pretty good for Americans traveling there.  Currently, it’s around 18 CZK for $1.  A far better exchange rate than traveling to the countries that have the Euro as their currency. 

I’ve been in contact with the Grand Hotel in Brno–asking for a nice quiet and non-smoking room away from the noise of the streets.  Their staff have been wonderfully responsive so far – I hope that is a sign of good things to come. 

I even have some plans for relaxing and letting the days go by as I’m waiting for my embryos to grow big and strong and start hatching. I’ve pre-arranged for massage and acupuncture in the days prior to my transfer, and I’m hoping to spend a little time in a delightful little tea room that I’ve heard good things about.   Perhaps even a visit to the salt cave (the one built in an office building just off of Freedom Square).

It’s official – I’m excited about the trip (oh, what the heck, let’s call it a vacation) and relaxed all at the same time.  What a great mindset to be in – I hope my body continues liking these drugs and lets me keep this happy mood throughout the trip and even when I return.

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2 Responses to Seems like I’m forgetting something.

  1. Tricia says:

    Welcome Aunt Flo – bring on the fluffy, cozy lining for the embies! Funny how happy to we are now to see Aunt Flo…this once! Grand Hotel staff is very lovely and most speak fluent English which is very helpful. It really is located right across the bus station – be sure to have a helping hand to bring your luggage BACK to the bus after the transfer as well. One other reminder: don’t forget your adapter for your electronics! 😉 SO happy you are calm, cool and collected. VERY important! Bring on the vino!!! Thinking of you & wishing you as much success as I! Macy & Graham are living proof of the endless possibilities! Love you! tricia

    • Sue T says:

      Thanks to you, I won’t even need the bus back, L & her DH have offered to let me drive with them too. I promise not to foget the adapters, I have three of them now (one from my last trip) two from someone else who went after me. I’m looking forward to the vino – where did you get your magic vino post-transfer?