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NBC News Report on Embryoscope Time Lapse Video Monitoring

The Embryoscope Time Lapse Video monitoring that I talked about here made the US NBC Evening News!   Here’s a link to the NBC News report which provides very interesting video showing how Embryoscope works and what doctors see as its primary benefits:

Image courtesy of Gennet Clinic Czech Republic

Although the medical reporter in this piece stated that it there is no evidence of increased pregnancy success rates, September 2012 Fertility and Sterility published a retrospective study at Spanish clinics which showed improved probability of clinical pregnancy rates with the use of time lapse video technology like Embryoscope.

Time lapse video monitoring technology is now widely in use at fertility centers around the globe including Spain, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, well as India, China and Japan. Since it received FDA approval in the United States late in 2011, it is now also spreading in popularity at US reproductive clinics.

In my experience, clinics in Spain and the Czech Republic typically charge between *300 – 750 Euro for the Embryoscope or similar time lapse video technologies – a relatively nominal price in the scope of overall IVF costs if it can offer improvments in pregnancy success rates and lower miscarriage rates.

My clients who have used Embryoscope technology especially appreciate the opportunity to have a keepsake video of their embryos’ first pictures at the earliest stages of growth.  It’s something they often view over and over – and it may very well be the newest first photo entries in their future baby books.


* update May 2013 – prices for time lapse video monitoring (aka Embryoscope) now start as low as 200 Euro (prices vary by clinic).

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