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Welcome PVED Members,

Thanks for stopping by.   Traveling abroad for DE IVF Treatment can offer a very affordable option that for some, is the difference between affording treatment vs. delaying or even stopping infertility treatments.  A typical donor IVF cycle abroad will cost between $6,000 - $12,000 including the donor, donor medications, treatment, transfer and embryo freezing.   Also, several European clinics will guarantee a minimum number of quality embryos for transfer or they will allow you to come back at no charge for another cycle. 

But, of course there is a lot to explore and learn before you pack your passport and bags and jump on a plane to your clinic of choice.   And I'm here to help with that process, and usually I can help you save even more money along the way.  

I encourage you to contact me to schedule a NO OBLIGATION phone consultation if you are considering IVF Treatment abroad.  I am always happy to chat with PVED members about what is available and whether going abroad might be a good fit.   My philosophy is there is no one right choice or path for everyone, just the one that feels right to you and that meets your specific criteria and concerns.

I offer two types of services that may also be of interest to you:

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Please take your time and browse through the information I share here.  Be sure to visit My Blog for lots of additional information related to traveling abroad for your donor egg IVF treatment.

I hope that we get the chance to chat, and I wish you well on your family building journey.



Sue Taylor