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Prague, glorious Prague

Arrived in Prague  – the weather is almost perfect – 80s during the day, 60s at night.  Occasional clouds in the sky. 

The trick for me to European travel is to stay awake until bedtime in the city where I arrive.  That means that by the time I finally finished my day yesterday and went to sleep last night, I had been awake 31 hours.  What can I say, I just can’t sleep on planes. 

I’m very pleased with my hotel, centrally located clean and fairly new.  Wait, fairly new by European standards.  That means this building from the 14th century was turned in to a hotel which opened in 2001. It has gorgeous architecture, a charming courtyard, and wonderful mostly English speaking staff with modern bathrooms (hey, that’s where new really counts). It has free WIFI, is heated and has air conditioning too (a nice bonus around here).  It is steps from the Metro and a Tesco (grocery store), about 10 minutes walking from Winceslas Square or 10 – 15 minutes to Old Town Square & the Charles Bridge.  Near everything, yet on a quiet little street that is really just a cobblestone lane wide enough for one tiny car.  The breakfast is a better than normal European breakfast – cold cuts, eggs, cereal, breads, yogurt, fruit, coffee, tea, etc. – all included in the price of the hotel room.  Great way to start the day.

Update from the clinic says we got 10 eggs, 8 were mature.  So, we’re waiting to hear how good the party in the petri dish went between the eggs and frozen swimmers.  I always visualize these cartoonish embryo and sperm having a big beach party in the petri dish. Hopefullly later today we’ll get the number fertilized, quality, and a confirmation of our transfer date.  I have to admit, my call to the clinic this morning definitely created the butterflies in my stomach.  I just kept reminding myself that really there was nothing I could do about whatever information they gave me, so it won’t do any good to be nervous – but, the butterflies apparently weren’t listening to my logic.  😉

So, I’m off to do a little more exploring.  I wonder, how did these craftsmen create such amazing structures and sculptures without power tools?  I guess there is a reason they were called craftsmen and artists – such amazing detail and beauty.

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One Response to Prague, glorious Prague

  1. Victoria says:


    It’s so good to see this update from you. I’m glad you arrived safely and to the good news of your 8 mature eggs. I’ll be praying for a good fert rate and looking for your update.