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Home sweet home

Wow, there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed after being away from home.  

I can’t decide if the trip to Europe feels longer, or the one back – I’m pretty sure it is the one coming back though.  Thankfully the good thing is you can leave Prague in the morning and be back in Los Angeles by the evening, asleep in your own bed.  Ahh, the luxury.  

And so, the waiting begins.  Also known as the “2ww” (two week wait).  Part anticipation and excitement, part dread that it might not have worked.  So, I choose to focus on being cautiously optimistic and enjoying taking it a bit easy while I adapt back to life at home and wait for the big test day.   Reminds me of being back in school.  I wish that there were a way to study harder to make sure I pass this one – but alas, I must just leave it to God and what will be. 

Last night my husband took me out for dinner at a favorite Thai restaurant.  My fortune cookie said something like “today’s disappointment will lead to future joy”.  I just hope the future comes quickly.

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