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Hello Brno

I made the journey from Prague to Brno yesterday.  I was a bit sad to leave Prague, it is such a gorgeous city!  That architecture and skyline is just amazing.  It was only a 2 1/2 hour bus or train ride to Brno though, very comfortable and uneventful.  No sign of the supposed road construction, it was a smooth and easy trip. 

Arrived in Brno safely.  Brno is a very small city, even though it is the second largest in all of the Czech Republic (second to Prague of course).  I checked in to one of a few 4 star hotels here.  It is spacious, clean and very comfortable – the right choice for this trip.  Last time I stayed in an apartment, also very nice, but reminded me a bit of an Ikea store.  :-)  The Grand Hotel Brno is right in the center of everything – across from the bus and train station, and a few blocks from the main square.  

The trams leave from almost in front of the hotel, so it is easy to get anywhere quickly and efficiently.  There is something to be said about the good public transportation here in Europe – we could learn from them. 

Had a quick dinner in a Chinese restaurant next door.  I’m convinced they believe that if they don’t speak English, they aren’t responsible for actually bringing the exact food I ordered, as long as it is close.  I ordered Tom Ka Gai soup (chicken coconut milk soup), and they delivered some clear broth soup instead.  Then I ordered beef asparagus, and they gave me a beef dish with every vegetable except asparagus – green beans, snow peas, broccoli, green pepper, bamboo shoots, carrots, etc.   Not a stalk of asparagus to be found.  Doesn’t matter though it was good.  

The only thing that always makes me do a double-take is how accepted smoking is here.  Walk into a restaurant, and you’re lucky to be able to see through the smoke because everyone seems to chain smoke throughout their dinner.  Blech.  I sure do appreciate our no-smoking laws in California.   

After dinner I meet up with some friends that are here at the clinic too – enjoyed a nice glass of wine and catching up with them.  I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by people that understand the process so we can support each other throughout the process.  Tomorrow, catching up with two more friends – it’s a social weekend.   

More from Brno later!  :-)

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