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Gennet Clinic Prague

One of my first clinic visits on this trip to the Czech Republic was to the well respected clinic Gennet.  Several years ago I had visited their original ART center (it is a full women’s center), but just last year they opened a new ART center conveniently located in Prague 1.  This new location is reporting quite excellent success statistics – even exceeding the combined clinic results from 2011!  Between their three locations, they see over 30,000 patients per year (not just for ART, but pregnancy genetics, etc.)  This is where their International Patient Office is located and the facility is focused on ART – rather than the original location that combined pregnancy screening and ART services in one facility.  I think the IVF patients will appreciate not sharing a waiting room with lots of pregnant women.

Known throughout Europe for their genetics laboratories, the Gennet labs are utilized by many other IVF clinics throughout the Czech Republic when they need specialized genetic testing.  That translates into great genetic testing easily available for screening their egg donors too.

The breadth of treatments available is quite impressive as well.   In addition to the standard traditional IVF ICSI treatments, they offer fresh donor egg IVF, fresh donor embryo (or double donor – using both an egg and sperm donor), they offer a frozen embryo donation (aka embryo adoption) program, and are among only a handful of clinics there successfully offering In vitro Maturation IVM wherein the eggs are harvested then matured in the laboratory.  They are also one of only a few that offer fertility preservation (egg freezing).

They recently announced the opening of a UK facility which will make it even easier for London area patients to arrange treatment preparation and monitoring (such as ultrasounds, blood tests, etc.) prior to coming for treatment, and will also offer a full range of ART IVF treatments in the UK (at a higher price than their Czech clinics of course).  This facility will offer known donor egg donor programs and will partner with a UK egg donation agency to be able to offer a wide range of donor options.  They expect to be fully licensed by the end of 2012.

They recently made some changes to their donor egg program that are intriguing, and they do offer some technologies not yet widely available at other clinics.

This new facility is walking distance from Old Town, and provides a more intimiate and personalized feel compared to their original full women’s center.

It was a very informative visit!  If you want more details about this clinic, their success rates, donor availability, and treatment options, contact me with your questions or to schedule a no obligation consult.   I’d be delighted to help you compare clinics, or provide my concierge service to assist you every step of the way through your treatment abroad.

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