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Endometrial Scratch to Improve Pregnancy Rates

A new study out of the UK is once again touting the advantages of the endometrial scratching prior to IVF.   This is not a new concept, I wrote about it here and here and the scientists in Nottingham are reporting that their results are even better than the study out of Brazil in 2011.

In this new study, they are reporting approximately 20% increase in pregnancy rates – which is a significant increase for what is an inexpensive procedure with minimal risk.  The study group in this latest report consisted

Brazilian researchers recruited 158 women with prior unsuccessful fertility procedures, 77 were picked at random for the endometrial scratching.  Compared to the control group who did not undergo the endometrial scratching – those who has the procedure had 20% higher pregnancy rates (42% vs 23% in the control group).

The Nottingham University study is currently recruiting patients and intends to publish their results next year.

Anecdotally, I am seeing an increase in clinics using this procedure, and it seems that those clinics are getting improved implantation and clinical pregnancy rates.   It can be used as part of a traditional IVF protocol as well as for frozen embryo transfers and transfers from IVF using their party reproduction such as egg donation or embryo donation.

Some clinics are offering the procedure at no charge as part of an IVF package.   Patients who are traveling abroad for treatment may opt to have the endometrial scratching done at their local OB or RE clinic, with costs typically under $300 for the procedure which is done in an office, typically without sedation.   Some IVF clinics use different timing for the procedure – typically it is done in a cycle prior to the treatment cycle – or in some cases, may be done on the day of egg collection.

Contact Us for more information about clinics that are offering this procedure or are supportive of patients who wish to incorporate this into their protocol.

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