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Could the Pfizer bcp recall affect your IVF treatment?

Today, Pfizer issued a recall for certain lots of birth control pills.  It affects Lo/Ovral and generic Norgestrel 0.3 mg/Ethinyl Estradiol 0.03 mg tablets.   The full list of affected medications and lots can be found here:

You may wonder what that could possibly have to do with your IVF treatment?  Although it may seem counter-intuitive, birth control pills are commonly used to modify the length or timing of your regular menstrual cycle to prepare for IVF treatment, or to sync you up with an egg donor for a donor egg IVF treatment.

If birth control pills are part of your IVF protocol, I suggest taking a minute to double check to see if your specific medication and lot are affected by this recall.  And, if you are impacted,  then you may want to contact your doctor or clinic to alert them so they can determine if it will impact your treatment or protocol in any way.

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